#15 – Mary Vermeer Andringa on Faith, Family, and Leadership

Mary Andringa’s pioneering career in business has been built on a foundation of faith, family, and community. In this conversation she reflects on the legacy of her father Gary as she captures it in her recent book Remembering Dad, and shares lessons on women in leadership, faith and work, and gathering generational wisdom.

#12 – Matthew Kaemingk on Interfaith Hospitality in an Age of Fear

Why do some North American Christians choose fear over hospitality? What would radical hospitality as Christian discipleship look like in interfaith conversations? Matthew Kaemingk explores these questions in his new book Christian Hospitality and Muslim Immigration in an Age of Fear. He spoke at the Loving Your Neighbor conference at Calvin Seminary this summer, and sat down with Cory Willson to talk about this timely topic. 

#11 – Paul Lim on Loving Your Immigrant and Refugee Neighbor

Countries around the world are wrestling with the issue of immigration. Churches are too. What does it mean to answer Jesus’ call to love your neighbor when it comes to immigrants and refugees? The Loving Your Neighbor Conference at Calvin Seminary this summer brought together church and ministry leaders to explore these questions.

#10 – Jeff Sajdak and Aaron Einfeld on Smartphones and Spiritual Health

What do smartphones have to do with our spiritual health? Calvin Seminary recently held a Smartphone Retreat to discern as a community the ways we use our smartphones and the effects they have on us. We found that for many of us, our smartphone use shows signs of addictive patterns, and that for all of us, we can reflect on what we do with our moments, minutes, and “downtime” throughout the day, and the implications this has for our spiritual lives and our life together in community. 

#8 – Mary VandenBerg on Loving Your Neighbor with Dementia

Millions of people who suffer from dementia, and their loved ones and caregivers, face slow and agonizing decline. How can we show love to these neighbors? How can we view life and death in a way that challenges North American culture? Mary VandenBerg addressed these questions at the Loving Your Neighbor conference in 2016.

#6 – Gary Burge on Navigating the Paths of the Holy Land

Tracing the paths of biblical history in the Holy Land gives new dimensions to our reading of Scripture. But today, Israel and Palestine lie at the center of intense conflict. Gary Burge has spent a career studying and traveling to the Holy Land. He talks about navigating its paths and guiding students on their own experiences there.